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Opinions about how to build an advice value proposition are a bit like spleens.

Every has one, but not many people are expert enough to tell you how they really work.

Ok, so it’s not my best analogy, but here’s the important bit…

It’s not whether it sounds good, looks good, fits in a single sentence, can be explained in an elevator ride, talks about problems, talks about solutions, talks of differences or includes the word ‘Independent’ or not that matters when it comes to explaining the value of what you do.

All that matters is whether it makes clients want to work with you.

At the end of our recent Insight webinar with Chief & Gunny Brabon of Original Bootcamp (called Leading Clients and Getting Results) I asked two simple questions that blew the doors off.

1. I asked about their experience with financial advice, and they gave me insight into why so many people find it hard to even understand what “advice” really is (which is 100% our failing, not theirs), and

2. I asked them how they’d want advice marketed to them.

Frankly that #2 is the most insightful thing I’ve heard all year.

If that’s not worth 3 mins of your time to learn how to market your advice from people who’ve been marketing theirs successfully for two decades, then feel free to waste another ten years of doing it the way it’s always been done.

Peace of mind anyone? No takers?

This is better. Much better.

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