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Minute-for-minute there are two mini-projects I can do with firms that generate as close to instant ROI as is possible.

The first is audio file noting (and no, it’s not just about which tech you choose), the second we call the First Contact Call.
I wanted to share a little about the second because:
  • I had a conversation that suggested engaging a coach was a longer-term ROI game, which it’s not.
  • It’s something I’m covering in the upcoming Fast Track program.
  • It totally changes the dynamic of the new client conversation across everything from turnaround times, fee sensitivity, meeting length, and more.
Having a 9-15 minute conversation BEFORE you meet with a client isn’t just about “pre-vetting”.
(Horrible, horrible concept by the way. Google to dictionary definition and you may see what I mean).
It’s about adding value to someone from the start, getting permission to lead, and asking some insanely simple questions that most advisers don’t like…
“What do you need from someone like me?”
And, in truth, it’s also about being able to be open and honest with someone if you aren’t the person to help.
Because there comes a time in EVERY practice where you’re ability to grow is completely proportionate to the realisation that whilst you COULD help many different people, doesn’t mean you SHOULD.
And sometimes the best option isn’t to waste an hour of their time (plus travel), and instead help them find the person best suited to help.
For such a simple, fully scripted framework (three phases, nine stages), that honestly takes me about twenty minutes to teach it changes everything.
I really don’t know why you’d want to engage new clients with it?

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