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When I was a kid, every now and again my Mum and I would go back to Dublin.

I remember those trips more intensely than many others from my early childhood.
My Gran’s garden with pond at the end and the mythically giant goldfish living at the bottom, Jaws. The huge (to a kid) park that lay between Ringsend and Lansdowne where I played with other local kids.

But what I remember most is the stories.

Anyone who has grown up with an Irish side of the family may have had the same experience.
Stories of forks in the road, wailing banshees, hounds of hell banished by holy water or strange roads in the mist that lead to places that couldn’t be found next morning
And, of course, leprechauns. 
In popular culture, a leprechaun is a character that has more in common with an older denizen of Dublin pub than the real version.
In true Irish folklore, he’s more of a solitary sprite, with a malevolent streak. Catch him and he’ll grant you wishes, but..

…be careful what you wish for.

Over the next few weeks during February I’ll be working with a small but motivated group of program members and a few who applied to be part of it as part of our new Fast Track programs to reinvigorate their practice marketing.
As part of this, I’ll share some of the most important insights on this blog, covering value proposition, target market and the only three funnels advice firms should ever focus on.
But I’ve learnt that sometimes there is work to be done BEFORE you’re ready to grow.
  • FIx your pricing so you’re actually profitable.
  • Identify a market so you can focus.
  • Get clear on your offer so you’re confident.
  • Free up time so you can get it done.
  • Polish your new client engagement so you can leverage a pipeline.
But when you’ve got that – even if only to 80% – you’re really ready to turn wishes into results.
No leprechauns required.

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