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Fishing with a spanner?

Every day a newsletter comes through into my inbox.

It’s one of those industry news ones, with headlines such as:
“Corporation to acquire other corporation…”
“ASIC cancels licence for Christmas”
“Consultant says whatever is needed to get book sales”
…and so on. You know the ones.
Then I noticed something really odd.
Down at the bottom of the page, in amongst the opinion pieces and other FROM THE WEB pieces pretending they’re not paid advertising…
…a link to a landing page of a financial planning firm, offering the opportunity to download an e-book all about how planning is the key to successful investing.
  • Unless the target market is people who work in the industry, why advertise in industry publications?
  • More importantly, why pay to advertise when most publications will happily accept well-written opinion pieces for publication for free?
  • Offering an e-book espousing how planning is important, well, doesn’t that feel a bit like trying to convince fish to like water?
Marketing in financial services sometimes confounds me. So much wasted money and time on strategies which make no sense.

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