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How To Start The Year Strong

Imagine you’re running a race.

It’s a long-distance race, one that will test you on many levels. You don’t have to be physically fit to run in (though it will help), but it will test your mental endurance and require you to be sharp of mind and react to changing conditions.
Your competitors share your desire to win. It’s a race with quite the prize at the end…
…Life changing, if you win enough of them.
The start beckons.
Lined up on the start line are your competitors.
Looking along the line, you know you could take this.
But as the gun goes, you stumble.
For some strange reason, your start is sluggish. Your legs won’t move.
Some around you are in the same boat. They can’t seem to get going.  There are some though who don’t, and you’ll notice them starting to pull away.

How you start is how you finish.

I’ve had years where I failed to get into second gear until well into February. Maybe you’re different, but playing catch-up has never brought the best out of me. Trying to squeeze twelve into ten isn’t fun.
Over the years, I’ve tinkered with different ways of kicking things off, and I managed to find a system that gets me up and running within a week and operating at top speed by the time February comes.
Over the next few weeks, I’d like to share what works for me, in a series of short shares.

If you’re a Leveraged or Leveraged Online program member, this link will share how it works from a program perspective. Details here. It’s part of our new Fast Track programs (details of that here)

If we’re not working together but you’d like some info about how I restart the year, feel free to check out details of the short course here.

Here’s to a strong start to the year ahead!

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