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I Find This Question Hard…

I mean, I can tell you where I’d like to go on holiday next, or the revenue target I want to hit, and plenty of the things I don’t want to do but…

…sometimes I find myself asking, “Is that really what I want?”

One of my favourite new age-y sayings goes, “The mind is a cell locked from the inside”.

I really like the concept.

The idea that it’s our own self-imposed mental models that sometimes stop us from aiming higher, acting differently, or choosing to do something different, well, I connect with it.

I know this though. I am at my best when I’m working the way I enjoy working, with people I like to work with doing work that inspires me.

I like “fixing” things.

That’s where it starts for me (and if I’m honest, requires me to regularly ensure that I’m not falling into doing the wrong things).

So, I kinda get around the difficultly of the question by breaking it into two :

  • How do I want to live my life? What are the values that matter to me and I want to ensure I live by.
  • What lifestyle am I aiming for?

These are the benchmark behind which my business has to line up.

When I can create value for others and my business model also allows me to do what I want, that alignment equals fulfilment.

When I create value for others but don’t get what I need, it’s a recipe for being trapped inside my own business.

And that is most definitely a prison of my own making.

What do you want your business to do for you?



Working through this key question is part of our The Clean Restart program which quite literally starts today (part of our 2021 Fast Track series, designed especially for advice firms). It’s not too late to jump aboard, but tomorrow it will be.

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