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Introducing Pipeline Tracking With

Effective client pipeline tracking is one of those game-changers when the path you’re on is about growth or transformation.

That’s one of the reasons we created our proprietary tool for this very purpose –

However, rather than just introduce you to the tool itself, I wanted to share what I’ve learned about pipeline tracking itself and share why it can be so significant in driving business growth. How, by having a repeatably reliable means of gathering vital information about new clients, fee levels, and sources of new clients, we can unlock valuable insights and ensure accountability in our business.

By keeping tabs on your pipeline, you can identify trends, spot potential bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your growth strategy.

You can predict your likely revenue three months out and, as such, know when to switch up or down your marketing efforts, which clients to talk to about referrals and which strategic partners to focus on working with (and which to seek to replace).

When you have a clear view of the journey your clients take from prospect to paying customer, you can streamline your processes, fine-tune your marketing efforts, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

So, how do we go about tracking our client pipeline effectively?

  • By having a tool that does what you need it to (which is why we created
  • By harnessing the power of information you already have in your practice.
  • By diligently recording the details about new clients that financial planning software doesn’t (or at least doesn’t make easy).
  • By analysing the fees associated with each client to ensure pricing aligns with value,
  • By understanding where our new clients come from.
  • By identifying the sources that bring in the most leads and focusing resources and efforts on the strategies that yield the best results.

This way, we can maximise our return on investment (time, effort) and drive sustainable growth.

Let me give some more examples of where just having a system in place for this is useful.

Uncovering Triggers

As practices strive to grow and attract new clients, it becomes crucial to understand what triggers those valuable referrals.

Triggers are the catalysts that prompt individuals to refer others to a particular business or service. They can be external factors, such as an exciting promotion or a satisfied client sharing their positive experience. Alternatively, triggers may also be internal motivators like personal satisfaction from helping others or aligning with a company’s values.

By uncovering the path by which prospects find your door and the reasons that led to them taking action, we get insights into what drives the decision-making process.

Armed with this knowledge, we can tailor their marketing strategies and even the way we engage with potential clients more effectively.

Diagnosing triggers is not just about identifying marketing opportunities. It can also give you deeper insights into what your value proposition looks like when viewed from the client side.

Spontaneous Lead Flows:

One of the key benefits of pipeline tracking is the ability to identify spontaneous lead flows.

These are leads that come in without any direct marketing efforts or advertising expenditure. By closely monitoring our pipeline and analyzing incoming leads, we can uncover these hidden growth opportunities.

Case Study

One of my clients, a financial advisory firm based in Sydney, discovered a game-changing opportunity specifically and uniquely because of how they were tracking the source of their new clients. Had they not been doing so, it would have remained invisible.

As it was it stood out there, clear as day. An influx of six clients over three months, who all shared a common source. They were parents at the same school as his kids.

As we delved deeper into the situation courtesy of the pipeline, we discovered the root cause of all this business. It turned out that one parent was the originator of the referrals, and the source of the trigger was Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs).

That first parent had come to my clients wanting to establish a Self-Managed Super Fund. Despite being an SMSF specialist, my clients soon realised that they didn’t need an SMSF. They could achieve everything they needed using a wrap, and save on a great deal of expense and administrative burden.

It turned out to be a hot topic, an organic marketing campaign that generated significant results.

Without pipeline tracking, it’s possible that insight never would have become obvious, and the subsequent additional marketing and direct inflow would have never happened.

Team Accountability And Pricing.

A different client and a different example.

This time the focus was on pricing, improving the overall efficiency of the advice process and reducing turnaround times.

Case Study

By making updating the pipeline a monthly team exercise, we had this amazing transparency of what was going on across the new client pipeline between the six different advisers in the team.

We were able to unpack situations where two advisers were not able to convert at the fee levels they needed to. It led to some very useful discussions and a training opportunity.

By leveraging what I had to share and the positive outcomes achieved by the other advisers following the same process, we very quickly solved the problem and brought everybody up to charging the same appropriate fee levels.

Had the problem not been identified and addressed, the back-of-an-envelope calculations suggested the cost would have been $120k less revenue (& profit) than the pricing model had projected.

Bottlenecks & Conversion Issues

It didn’t stop there either.

By tracking and analysing the completion dates as we do in our finsight tool, it’s easy to pinpoint specific areas within your pipeline where potential bottlenecks or friction points occur.

For example, significant delay between certain stages such as initial contact and the initial meeting can indicate issues with the communications being sent out, how bookings are being made or resource allocation.

Case Study

In this case, we also were able to diagnose and fix issues with clients not returning information quickly enough via some tweaks to the process (introducing our Escalting Follow-Up system), and a conversion issue that was leading to extended delays in getting back Terms of Agreement (we solved this by not making this the ATP).

Fine-tuning Marketing

Pipeline tracking can provide valuable insights into marketing effectiveness.

Case Study

For example, one multi-disciplinary who discovered that their most lucrative referrals were coming from a particular class of referral, and were surprised at how effective their digital efforts were actually being.

They decided to reach out to those referrers and find out more about why they were happening. The results of these discussions more than paid for their investment of time into the process, and then some.

Targeting the advice you prefer to give

Case Study

A seasoned regional financial adviser implemented pipeline tracking in her practice with a fervour I couldn’t help but love.

Through careful analysis of her data month-on-month, she discovered that clients who were referred by estate planning attorneys tended to have more complex financial needs and required additional services. ‘

Armed with this knowledge, she adjusted her fee structure accordingly to reflect the added value she provided these particular clients and focused her efforts on expanding this market. Two years later, she’d increased revenue by 52% but only added 18 clients to her total.

Boosting Confidence

One significant benefit of using pipeline tracking to maximize fee levels is the confidence it instils in businesses when charging appropriate fees.

This confidence extends not only to the business owners but also to the broader team responsible for engaging with potential clients.

When armed with data-backed insights about client acquisition channels and successful conversion rates, it’s easier to identify who is doing well and who needs some help to find their rhythm.

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the idea.

If you’re already doing pipeline tracking using a tool like PipeDrive, Trello or the functionality included in your existing marketing CRM, you may already have seen some of these benefits. Perhaps I’ve been able to suggest some additional metrics to track that would help.

I would love you to share your insights in the comments below.

If you’re not tracking pipeline and you’re planning on undertaking projects focused on any of the following:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Referrals
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • New Client Engagement
  • Pricing
  • Onboarding
  • Process Optimisation
  • Reducing turnaround times

Then I’d love to show you what can do.

The tool is currently in the beta phase, and we plan to move across to a reasonable monthly paid plan in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, if you’d like to explore this more drop me a DM inside Practice Success or email me at


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