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Mission Part 2: It’s About Them

In the last blog, I wrote about making your mission not about you. Part 2 is about what to do instead.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven is a powerful book.

The first time I read it, I finished it on the back of the bus between Cremorne Point and North Sydney, on the way to work.
I had tears streaming down my face.
The girl next to me looked worried I was crazy.
A three-year-old in front of me kept saying “What’s wrong?”.
I won’t ruin it for you, just to say that every day we impact those around us in some small way.
Maybe it’s that person you dodged around as you headed in opposite directions, path crossing on the pathway. You made them a few seconds late for work, they the same as you. No big deal.
Another, that offhand comment you made about how much you liked their hat. That put them in a good mood, which ended up with them winning that big account they’d been trying to close for weeks.
And then there are the ones whose lives you change because of how you apply what you know to their situation to help them change everything.
Your business is a vehicle for magnifying that positive change.
For making sure that you can do it for more people, more easily, more consistently, and eventually, at a lower cost than you do now.
That’s what a business mission can be – the powerful articulation of the result your business is designed to help deliver for your chosen clientele, how you do it, how it manifests in their world, and the bigger reason why it matters.
That’s a powerful lighthouse.
We’re already underway with our The Clean Restart program which is unfortunate news if you’ve just realised this is work you need to do. However, our Leveraged Online intake is open until 15 February, or you could go check out our full Leveraged Advice Firm program instead.

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