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More Content, Less Effort

When I talk to advisers about content marketing, invariably the topic of frequency comes up.

“How often do I need to share something?”

My personal opinion is fortnightly is good, monthly at the very least.

When I state that, two objections often come up.

The first is the “I don’t want to annoy them…”  concern.

This often comes from a mindset that doesn’t realise that clients often want to hear from you as their adviser more often.

Whenever I do a client survey with a business and we pose the question, “Where do you look to for your financial news”, what do you think the most common answer is?

“You. My adviser”

In the digital world, when you’re sharing value with clients only a few times a year, you’re probably being left behind. Not to mention when you have to do it all 1:1, that’s a difficult value delivery mechanism to manage at scale.

However, this isn’t about overcoming that little mental block. It’s about the second issue.

“Fortnightly! What? How will I find the time to create all that???”

This is where I have really good news. You don’t have to.

In this vlog, I want to show you how little content you actually need. If done right, you may only need 6 pieces of self-authored content per year.

Sounds doable right?



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