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Put your Deck Away

Do you enjoy/prefer new clients or existing ones?

It’s a question that can divide a room straight down the middle, and in truth, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with preferring one over the other as long as you create a business that delivers value regardless.
Next month I’ll be running our third Fast Track short course of the year, working with a small group of practice owners on the topic of new client engagement. You can find out all about it here.
In preparation, I wanted to share some short, sharp insights into what I’ll be covering. Even if you feel you’ve got your process sorted, I’m pretty confident you’ll find something useful.
Here’s the first.
It’s been a while since this question got asked of me, but every now and again it pops up.

“Do you have a presentation I can use to present my value proposition in the first appointment”

Honestly? I’d rather you put your deck away.
Your optimum new client engagement process isn’t about telling…
.. .it’s about listening, diagnosing, and finally, if you nail it, leading (and more fun).
Your optimum new client engagement process isn’t about converting…
…it’s about helping them work out the 3 biggest problems to solve first (cue lightbulbs)
Your optimum new client engagement process isn’t about everyone looking at a screen…
..it’s about having a real conversation, person to person (I like getting real).
But I feel like you know this already, and you’d prefer there to be a better way? (which there is, by the way).
Can we agree that if you’re using a slide deck in your first appointment, you’re working way too hard?
You don’t need it.
Everything you need is sitting right in front of you.

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