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Another thing we spoke about is getting confident out there. And one of the challenges is of you trying to create content, it can be time-consuming right? But, I’m guessing every day, every week you probably read a   bunch of great stuff. You read this article, you read that article it’s fantastic but one of the things that’s challenging to do is you can’t just share the stuff unaligned right?

Well there’s a there’s a great way of kind of grabbing content using it really quickly but putting your own flavor on it. 

There’s a great book by Austin Kleon called “Show Your Work” does anybody read it? Well worth looking, at it’s all about how to build an audience and build a brand by kind of giving them a look in behind, what you actually do on a day-to-day basis, how you work with clients, talking about your process in the sense that you’re giving people the opportunity to say, “hey this is how we do this is how we do that” but Chapter 5, talks about telling really great stories. 

And they talk about one of the ways of doing this is by embracing attribution. So one of the things I’ve tried to do and I’m continue to try to do is whenever I find something great, I’ll share it with you, but I’ll also say hey this is where we got it from, this is who wrote it this is why I think it’s relevant to you, and this is how we’ve used it right? 

So it’s a really simple example, let’s say you find a really great article which is all about cash flow management. You’d simply say so what’s this article about, I’ve read this really great article about this topic,  here’s a link to it, it was written by this guy called mr. moustache and Mr. moustache is a blogger who does this, in this and he wrote it last year . If you’re interested in finding more things like that I’d recommend, this articles really good, this articles really good. I found it, but I was I subscribed to his blog and why you should care about it is because he makes these three points you with me. 

In actual fact, if you get really good at if I included it I’ve included a template in there. So let’s say every fortnight you make it a habit, to say we’re gonna put some content out whether it’s via newsletter or a blog or social media. You could just grab this template and fill it in what’s article one what is, who made it when it was where you can find where you want it to confide it how did you find it , why should your clients care and literally just provide it to your team with the next step. 

And when you grab this, put an image next to it, publish it on Tuesday and that way you know let’s say you’re putting out two three bits of content a week, that’s at least half to a third of your content management strategy put out there. And again, if you’re going after that reporter person,  it’s perfect. 

You’re not only giving people information and doing the right thing, you’re filtering the information and telling them why it’s important, this useful really easy way of producing content. 

Want to download the template? Just email me at help@audere.com.au and I share it to you.

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