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Stop Worrying About Marketing & Start Adding Value

Do you ever hesitate when sending out an email broadcast to clients?

Maybe you worry that it’s an imposition, another “marketing” email in their already overflowing inbox?

Maybe you feel like the only emails your clients should get from you are the kind that are written to them personally, and that anything else isn’t appropriate?

If so, i really feel this is thinking that you need to challenge, so let me help explain why  

With the Media on high alert and the introduction of the twelve month service renewal, you need to be out there sharing and communicating with your clients. Your brand and expertise needs to become a fixture in your clients’ minds.

So, I’d like to show you how to share with your clients without it feeling weird and without it becoming a time consuming and laborious task.

(BTW, It’s a lot easier than you think)

It starts by realising one key thing  

You ARE adding value when you communicate with clients.

So you don’t want to bug people ..

What if the truth was that your clients are looking to YOU – their adviser- as their source of financial information. They are already looking to you for guidance. You already HAVE their attention. 

You can and provide value to your client simply by sharing with them what you are seeing, what you are doing and what you already know.


Do you have a marketing / email list?

If you do, we have to assume people have signed up for your list, or at the least said yes to being guided by you when they agreed to become clients, right?

They did so because they like, you, your expertise, they like the way you work and they want to see more of it. THEY believe you add value to their experience.

I think it’s reasonable for YOU to believe it too.

So, when you go silent and only communicate infrequently or only for certain things, ironically,  you are very loudly telling them that you don’t have  much value to add outside of whatever it is you do talk about

….and we both know that in fact you do. 

You can start right now.

  • Get clear on the value price. It doesn’t have to be long form, it doesn’t have to be a video and it doesn’t have to be a blog. Just simply send a short email, “How is it going? Can I help with anything?” if that’s all your bandwidth can cater for right now.
  • Share a great article you read. I imagine you’ve read a few recently?
  • Simply reiterate the fundamentals of advice. Repetition of what advice is all about is not just the key to understanding, it’s also a compliance requirement. 
  • Be consistent and regular in your delivery.


The result

If you consistently add value, you will find yourself gaining a growing audience of people that want to deal with you and see value in what you have to say year after year. 

And that sounds like one easy way to make a 12 month renewal conversation nothing but awesome. 

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