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The 5 Challenges in Marketing Advice

If you’ve been marketing advice for more than a period of time, you’ll probably know it’s not the same as marketing widgets.


Often people hit these barriers because they don’t understand that there are five reasons why marketing advice must be done differently.


And what I’d like to do is share these  5 challenges in marketing advice with you.

These 5 challenges pose a real need for us to actually dive deep on each of them.

And so I have prepared a small video series where we unpack each challenge one by one:


  1. Complexity
  2. Differentiation
  3. Trust
  4. Long Sales Cycle
  5. Modifying For Success


If you intend on doing any marketing this year, understanding these 5 challenges and how to overcome them could be the difference between investing money in a failed campaign or a failed partnership or really amaking a breakthrough and getting the results.


In fact, a number of businesses who understood these challenges as part of our programs reported that just tweaking one or two things they were able to unlock a lead flow that previously was unavialable.


So let’s go …. 



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