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The Art and Science of Making Great Decisions


When do you make your best decisions?


If you’re like most people I know, it’s probably when you’re not under pressure, or when things aren’t too challenging, or when there isn’t too much pressure to do too many things.  

The last 10 months have obviously been challenging for many of us, but for very different reasons.

In truth, they’ve kind of continued on a trend that started last year and one issue worth keeping an eye on is how tough can sometimes skew personal perspectives.


I had this experience recently, where a certain situation was causing me a little bit more than stress, and it wasn’t until I lucked upon a reset of sorts courtesy of some good friends that I could see things more clearly. 


In short, the decisions I’d been making had become clouded.


It’s the same when I coach. I can stay with absolute head on heart that most business owners make the worst decisions when they are either under financial stress or there is conflict within the business.


I recently caught up with my old friend. Julian Morrison and his colleague Chris Hestelow, both part of Allan Gray’s team of professionals and a conversation began about one of the key things that they feel differentiate the way they do things…

….the way they make decisions.


The Allan Gray proposition is about daring to be different.

In other words, making decisions even when influence seems to be taking you in another direction.


It was a discussion that I really enjoyed.   

Jules and the team are enthusiastic students of behavioural economics, both within their field of investing and in working with advisors on the way they make decisions, and how they help clients explore their decisions.

They go to a depth which is really impressive, very thought-provoking and throughout the discussion, I found myself feeling that what they were sharing had so much practical application in my business, your businesses and to enhance client engagement.

Which is why I decided I really wanted to have this conversation in front of a lot more people. 


Decision making is a really important skill.

Being capable of helping people make great decisions is in many ways what makes a great advisor.

It’s going to be a really good session and my preference in these things is always to make them very interactive.

I know a lot of you out there are experiencing what I call “zoom fatigue” and a lot of it’s got to do with the fact that more than ever before we’re involved in meetings, workshops, and other screen-related meetings where most of us are being bombarded with information.

In other words, there’s not enough interaction, which is why we’re not going to do that.


  • If behavioral economics is an area of interest,
  • If you’d like to dive into decision making, and
  • you, like me, feel a topic like this is exactly the “something different” we need to hear right now, and
  • You’d like to pick up the fuel for conversations worth having…

Join us for what is going to be a great, great session.

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