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The danger in skipping straight to implementation

I’ve had one of those weeks where the same damned thing kept happening.

First time, I was in a session working on a service/ pricing model build with a team of brokers. Each and every time we got to the activity part of the session, everyone would jump up from their seats ready to start work before I’d even explained what to do.

Then I’m on a coaching call and I’m being asked, “Which is better; a Facebook campaign or LinkedIn? I need to know where to spend my money to get leads fast” before we’ve even discussed who, what or why.

Then, just yesterday, a client of mine is sharing a story of a prospect with a mountain of debt and the spending habits of Elton John who wanted to talk about “turning $2k into $200k in 2 years”.

The common thread is this crazy desire to skip through the “plan” part and get straight to the doing.

Michael Hyatt once shared that there are three types of work:
1. Planned work – the stuff we lock in our diaries and the meetings we plan.
2. Unplanned work – the stuff we don’t expect but needs to be done when it needs to be done.
2. Defining what work actually is.

Most people don’t do enough of #3, and wonder why their projects never get started, fail halfway through, take longer than expected or simply take it out of them.

#3 is where success is made easier.

II’s a real pet peeve of mine, so one of the things we build and rolled out last year was an Implementation System within the Leveraged program to help clients implement in a structured and ultimately very effective way. We call it The Racing Line – slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Geddit?

I wanted to share a little about how it works, because I know how so many advice businesses at the moment are a) snowed under, and b) really needing to change things to solve a).

Implementation isn’t one of those things you can just assume will happen, especially as you get bigger.

Hopefully, this might help lift the lid on the very real science of making it happen.

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