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The First 90 Days Of Your New Client Engagement Process Is POWERFUL

What I call the “First 90” is the process from the moment you field an inquiry from a prospective client through to the moment the advice has been implemented, the client has been fully onboarding and is engaging by design, and has been transformed into your newest advocate.

Starting 18 July, I will lead a live six-week course to run through each of the elements of this. Details are here

Here are each of the five elements of this end-to-end client experience and the outcomes I would suggest anyone focused on nailing this aims to achieve.

1. First Contact – Have a 15-20 minute fully scripted conversation to engage with clients ready to take advice and set the entire tone for a better initial meeting.

2. Plan Scope – Have a robust and “real” goals-based discussion that allows you to convert 80% of clients within two days of the meeting with zero fee sensitivity.

3. Plan Delivery Pathway – Set out the Factfinding, Strategy Meeting & Plan Presentation process with such clarity you get zero lag in turnaround times.

4. Engagement Onramp – Teach clients how to work with you long-term, give them the information they need when they need it, and give them such an amazing initial experience that they want to tell others about it.

5. Hub Strategy – Whether you have an existing client portal, plan to implement one or just want to centralise your modes of communication and engagement, get your team and your clients focused on the same avenues.

Nail this and the research shows you don’t just fix the first three months. The benefits echo for years afterwards.

What are your biggest tips for getting the first ninety days of engaging with new clients as good as possible?

If you’d like to join me for the live First 90 course starting 18 July, our early bird pricing is currently active until 5 July. Check out for details. Registrations are open until filled.

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