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The Key to Marketing Advice?


I’m in the middle of reading The Art of Conformity by Chris Guillebeau, and I’m loving it.

It’s full of all sorts of amazing insights, and I wanted to share one that really grabbed me
“Sometimes the smallest decisions change your life forever” – Keri Russell.
Man, this for me is beyond truth.


In 1984, I ran away from home.

After school finished, I swore my best friend Troy to secrecy and made the bicycle journey from my Mum’s house St Mary’s in Sydney’s western suburbs to my Dad’s in Baulkham Hills. It was a journey of around 40kms.
I didn’t know the route beyond a vague on-the-fly sense of where I was going honed from weekly trips back and forth, and it was well after dark when I arrived. I was 10 years old.
At that moment the direction of my life changed in ways I am still only beginning to fully comprehend. I could fill pages tracing the shockwave and its impact.

I’ve taken so many lessons from that moment – so many – and one of them is that simplicity is the key to action.


I left school that day with three things; a borrowed bike (My Mum’s), a packed lunch I’d decided to keep handy and a simple objective (though it was much smaller than it ended up being!).
It’s something that I want to make a mantra for myself this year; keep it simple. After the year that was, I think it’s vital.
This month I’m working on marketing advice and, in the spirit of the story, I believe all the marketing that matters can be distilled into 2 areas.
  • How clearly you understand your own value and how well you can explain your offer
  • How you generate leads across only 3 funnels; referrals, COIs/ partnerships & digital.


If mastered, will give you more great leads than you know what to do with (which is a whole new problem to deal with).

In February I’m working with a select group of practice owners over 3 weeks to nail their Practice Marketing across three areas – Value Proposition, Referrals, Strategic Partnerships & Digital. It starts on Friday 12th February and the details are [here]
It’s part of our 2021 Fast Track series, designed especially for advice firms.

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