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The lowdown on workflow automation

I’m terrible at remembering phone numbers.

By the time I’ve reached the sixth or seventh number, I’ve forgotten the area code.

I’ll be honest – the only other persons’ phone number I know is my wife’s, and I think that’s because I knew it before the age of the smartphone.

If we each had to remember each of our friends, family, and colleagues numbers in our heads, I sometimes wonder if the communications revolution would have happened at all

(I’ll leave you to decide whether that’s not a bad thing)

Thing is when it comes to workflow, a lot of businesses approach managing client work, onboarding, implementation, follow up and all of these task-driven deliverables the same way; with a vague manual system which ultimately relies on a combination of good memories, post-it notes and the odd dash of tech.

This video is all about how to scale that paradigm up and choose the right system.

One that does the donkey work of remembering what comes when make it easy to see where everything is at in a glance and frees you up to the work that tech can’t.

I know a lot of people already have workflow solutions, but I’m not always convinced what they can do, or how they’re used, actually allows them to extract the full power of having your workflow management system absolutely nailed.

We use and recommend Teamwork Projects, but rather than tell you all the reasons it’s awesome, I wanted to share the four questions I ask businesses to find out whether they’re getting the best from what they’ve got.

Let me know what you think and if you have questions, hit me back so I can share more.

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