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📢The Monthly Snapshot📢

Each month we’re going to be doing a quick summary of all that’s been and is upcoming within the Success Community.

Our First 90 Days course is your fast track to making it happen

Tailored specifically for financial advisors, accountants, and multidisciplinary firms, this six-part training program is the result of eight years of working with hundreds of advice firms to engage, convert, and onboard clients with greater haste, less waste, and greater effectiveness.

We’re thrilled to announce that our Bulletproof Pricing course has just been approved as our first CPD-accredited course!

That means that not only do you get a course that nails your pricing, but one that also provides CPD points: 7.75 points in the Client Care and Practice category and 0.25 points in the General category.

The last Masterclass with Taylor Bindon from Atlis Technologies talked about their all-in-one practice CRM, MOAS.

Take a good, long look inside how it’s been created, how it works and… why the team can claim it halves the time to deliver advice.

A re-recording of the session I ran at the Risk InFocus roadshow on Mastering Your Practice Technology and the brave new world of AI.

You’ll find the recording for both in the Practice Success Portal under Library > Session Recording

Blue background with the words "The Drop In" in large, green text centered.

We’ll run 2 Drop In in July.

On 5 July, Friday at 12pm will see us talk about Racing Line Drop In: Halfway Pit

On 26 July at 12pm You can join me to work on whatever is needed. It’s an open door, open invite to get help, and at least once a month we’ll cover a specific theme. It’ll work on a first-come, first-serve basis (unless you shoot me through a message beforehand letting me know what you need in advance).

Check out the Events page in the Practice Success portal to RSVP.

In this whitepaper, I will share with you the 24 key things that enable a high-performing practice to outperform 80% of the practices in the industry.

For clients and community members, the whitepaper can be downloaded from the portal under Library > Program Information

One Last Thing…

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs

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📢The Monthly Snapshot📢

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