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Today, I want to talk a little strategy for approaching potential strategic partners which flips the traditional model on its head and actually has a higher success rate.

Here comes the reverse audition.

One of the gentlemen I have an opportunity to meet with pretty regularly is Paul Feeny. Those who don’t know Paul, he runs a true Robo advice platform called mapmyplan, go and check it out and

Paul and I, talking about a number of different things but this time we were talking about networking. Now, if anyone doesn’t know Paul he is a great networker, when he came back from Australia without a business network just a few short newsletter he has attracted some serious heavy hitters to his advise board.

And it was a conversation with him about coming back to Australia that made me realize that a lot of the LinkedIn approached strategies we use potentially are more difficult than it needs a bit. Let me explain, Paul realized that when he came back by going out to businesses and instead of sort of asking for things from asking for referrals saying that he was setting up a business time this kind of clients and he knew they would have a need for this kind of services to anyone who sit down with these businesses and talk about whether they could provide them, he realized that was a more as a warmer opt-in then many of the other approaches.

In actual fact, it was so successful for him he managed to get PWC as a client, really early on based on that strategy. So here’s the approach I want you to try, this was really well for us. Instead of going out there to your potential businesses that you want to partner with without you know here’s a white paper or potentially would you like to sit down and learn a bit more about what our business does, go out there and say hey we are a financial planning or a brokering business or accounting business who specialized in working with this kind of clients.

A number of our clients recently have talked to us about this issue. We’re out there looking for partners who could potentially help them out and your name came up. Would you be interested in having a chat so you can explain to us a bit more about what you do and who you for? And there we have it the reversal edition.

A really simple way of taking an introduction that’s based on you, trying to live a value to an introduction which is based around you researching opportunities out there to partner other businesses.

In summary, the Reverse Audition is a really simple tactic for flipping the nature of the discussion away from you pitching and instead make it a bit more about them pitching their services to your businesses as a basis for moving forward.

Anyway, that’s just one LinkedIn strategy that would work. I’d love to know if you have a LinkedIn strategy that is really working, please drop a comment in the text below and let us know.

Alternatively, if you’re not getting any leads at all either online or anywhere else and you’d like to chat about you know fixing that, go down below there’s a button called book a strategy session and we’ll have a fifteen minute chat. I will share with you what’s working for businesses like yours, specifically like yours in the program and outside.

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