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Why Marketing Matters Most For Advice Firms in 2019 – Part 2

In Part 1, I shared with you why I think mastering marketing your advice is key to a successful 2019.

In Part 2, I want to share how to do it. 

The good news is it’s actually a lot easier than most realise.

All you need to do is to look for ways to add value to your clients every fortnight; something as small as a shared article, a personal email written to all your clients but in a very personal style, or some other simple touch point, like a straightforward check-in.

When I tell advisers this, understandably, they go, “Fortnightly! Where am I going to find the time?!”

The Production Shortcut

Well here’s the extra good news. You don’t have to produce all of this.

I’ve done a lot of clients survey and one of the questions I’ve occasionally used is. “Where do you get your information from when it comes to your financial affairs?

Do you want to know the most common response?  It’s “You”

If you’re not aware of this, let me be the one to let you know that your clients likely see you as their primary source of financial information, and it’s a value add.

If you can be the one that puts in front of them what they need to know, and not what they don’t, it’s a value add.

If you can be the one to shed light on a confusing array of messages, data, and knowledge and help them understand the context behind the latest stock market crash or economic forecast, then that’s a value add.

But you don’t have to recreate this. This isn’t just about you producing content.

  1. You can share articles you’ve read, putting the context of why it matters, simply attributing the source as you do it.
  2. You can remind them of some of the key parts of your value proposition – the philosophy behind your investment strategy, the importance of your review, your objectives-based approach or some other fundamental aspect of the way you advise – simply re-using the same communications year after year.
  3. You can simply remind them via repetition of the things that they need to let you know about it. Again, something you can use year after year.

Suddenly that fortnightly email or blog doesn’t look so difficult.

In actual fact when we mapped it out in the program, I gave our members a bunch of done-for-you emails ready to go to kick things off.

The true picture is not actually of a fortnightly blog at all, taking you hours to put together each second week,

The true picture is you need 26 pieces of content a year, 7 each quarter, produced in advance and lined up in your marketing funnel well in advance, of which you actually only need to self-author 2 or 3.

Does that sound better?  

I hope so because we all need to get on the front foot to not just survive this transition, but thrive.

Let me summarise it for you.

Marketing is one of two key issues that will define whether 2019 is the year that breaks you or makes you.

The first issue is around service offers. Being able to explore the three key questions about what’s in your service offer why you’re recommending it and how was priced. The blog all about that is here.

And the second area is all about marketing.

We have to expect that fewer people are going to spontaneously seek advice over the next 12 months.

They’re not likely to be drawn to your door unless you have a strong network that can offset the bad media (but that’s another thing).

However, a key part for me is your existing clients.

If every single element of your value delivery depends on you, it’s going to make the coming transition a lot harder that needs to be

The answer lies in cultivating an ongoing and personal conversation with the audience in front of you, and there are few simpler ways to do that at scale than via the system I’ve outlined.

Because let’s be honest. If there’s one thing most advisory firms don’t need over the next 12 months for things to be harder than they need to be, right?

I really hope this isn’t just “useful”. I hope that this inspires you to take action.

These next twelve months are going to be the moment where some step through this period of change and into a remarkable future for advice and others miss an opportunity they will rue long into the future.

And if you’d like help

I’ve spent the last 6 months gearing up for it, and I’m ready; ready to help my clients shortcut the journey.

If this sounds appealing to you, the idea of being able to draw upon the resources and support to get ahead of the change faster, there are two options available.

Full details of how it all works are here.

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