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Why now is THE best time to revisit existing business plans

In Japan it runs from September to August.

India is April to March.

Most countries align with January to December.

Australian and New Zealand run July to June.

In Sweden, you can choose whatever you like.

The Financial Year is far from universal complicated. Calendar Year on the other hand is, which is why it makes so much more sense when it comes to planning.

I think it’s mostly because of the natural break in the year, ideally sandwiched between some well deserved R&R (or at least “not working” for those of us with young kids) that makes it easy to come back with a fresh head.

I realised in about July last year I hadn’t looked at my plan since I’d put it together in January.

I’m not immune to falling out of the good habits that I know work, which is why I find this time of year is a good time for doing five things:

  • REVISIT my motivation
  • RECONNECT with my business mission/ purpose and strategic vision.
  • REFRESH my targets and metrics.
  • REFOCUS on the projects I’ve identified that matter.
  • RESTART by focusing on one step at-a-time.

The outcome of doing this now is usually one of three outcomes:

  • You realise how good that plan you created actually is and totally re-engage with it.
  • You spot one or two refinements you can make that will improve things.
  • You realise the plan needs revision.

Either way, it’s a habit that starts me off clear on what I want, clear on how to get it and very, very clear on how to start.


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