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What was the very first thing you did when you started work this morning?

Not coffee, or the conversation you had, but the moment you thought to yourself, “Now I’ve started…”

Did it involve opening your inbox?

I think that’s a huge mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard not to. I often walk into the office thinking about the emails I didn’t manage to get to yesterday, the ones that have piled up overnight. An idea I need to shoot off to Rose our Digital Marketing Manager involving me and a photo of Gandhi…

Things is, have you noticed how emails are like fast-breeding boomerangs. No sooner you’ve shot one off, two come flying back…

If you really think about, the inbox isn’t a friend at all. it’s full of mostly other people’s requests, demands and desires, drowning out the importance of what I need to do to build a business where I’m not the one who has to respond. And that’s before you even start thinking about how incredibly inefficient it is for communicating. It’s like the friend who only calls you when they want something.

So I changed one small habit at the start of my day, and it changed everything..

It involves asking three questions to start every working day:
1. What’s are the constraints in my business I need to remove?
2. What should I be focused on now so I shift the needle during the next 90 days?
3. What’s the simplest way to make this commitment to myself today?

I nicknamed it the Trilogy and I wanted to share it with you.

Let me know what you think ??

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