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Welcome to Bulletproof Pricing

by Audere Coaching & Consulting

Transform Your Fee Model, Transform Your Practice's Future

Are you a financial advisor or accounting firm looking to get your pricing model just right?

Our Bulletproof Pricing course is your fast track to making it happen.

Tailored specifically for financial advisors, accountants and multi-disciplinary firms, this six-part training program is the result of eight years of working with hundreds of advice firms to achieve outstanding results and navigate the complexities of pricing to avoid common mistakes that can hurt your business.
It’s your pathway to optimizing your fee model and ensuring a seamless transition for your client base within just twelve months
It’s designed to help firms of all shapes and sizes unlock several tangible and measurable business benefits, so if you’re looking to do any of the following, look no further:

Increase Profitability

Set fees to reflect the true value of advice while attracting clients happy to pay for quality.

Increase Financial Stability

Build a more predictable revenue stream through effective pricing strategies.

Streamline Efficiency

Save time and simplify client management, freeing you up to focus on what you do best.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Differentiate yourself in the market with a unique and justified pricing approach.

Optimize Conversion Rates

Enhance closing rates by aligning price with market expectations and perceived value.

Attract Higher Quality Clients

Draw in clients who value and are willing to pay for top-notch services.

Boost Client Engagement

Position your pricing in a way that enhances client relationships and builds trust and respect.

Enhance Scalability

Create a pricing model that can be adopted by everyone in your team for all clients

Empower Decision Making

Utilize data-driven insights to refine and justify your pricing model.

Promote Long-Term Business Growth

Establish a pricing foundation that supports sustainable expansion and success.

Greater Market Adaptability

Build a model that adjusts prices in response to client needs.

Enhance Risk Management

Mitigate risks associated with underpricing, compliance or divergent client profitability.

Are You Ready to Revamp Your Pricing Strategy?

The promise of Bulletproof Pricing goes beyond instruction; it aims at a tangible upsurge in practice revenue—potentially reaching six figures.
More so, it fosters the confident representation of value to both existing and prospective clients.

Why choose Bulletproof Pricing?

Here’s what makes our program uniquely beneficial.

Comprehensive On-Demand Training

From creation to launch, each stage of your new fee model is covered in detailed steps across six detailed and highly practical video training modules.

All The Tools Needed To Implement

Access an arsenal of support materials, including email templates, scripts, workbooks, and real-world examples to ease the implementation process.

Exclusive Technology

Utilize our proprietary tools & to help you design, analyse, track and successfully execute faster and more easily.

CPD Accreditation

Enhance your professional development with 9 Continuing Professional Development points awarded upon completion.

Take Part in Our Live Programs

Once every twelve months we deliver a live version of the Bulletproof Pricing course. As an existing participant, you can take part at no additional cost (value $1,995)

Fully Supported

Receive guidance from the Audere team with unlimited email support and the ability to attend our monthly Drop-In support sessions.

Here's how the program works

Priced at $1,495 all-inclusive for a full 12 months of access, this investment propels you towards profitability while empowering you with all the necessary tools for success.

 Experience transformation through structured guidance by enrolling today!

Your instructor

Join countless other professionals who have successfully reshaped their pricing strategies with Audere Coaching & Consulting.

Unlock your pricing potential today!

Enrollment in this course closes without warning, so don’t be left waiting until the “perfect” moment to transform your firm in several ways.
Don’t wait another twelve months before transforming your practice.

The perfect time is now.

Sign up today and start your journey towards a more profitable and fulfilling business practice.

Questions? Reach out to us at []

What you'll get BulletProof Pricing Course
All Training
Access to All The Tools Needed
Exclusive Technology
  • Use of the
  • Use of
CPD Accreditation
  • 9 Continuing Professional Development points for Client Care Category
Take Part in Our Live Programs (12 months of access)
Fully Supported



Ability To Ask Unlimited Questions Online
Private 1-to-1 coaching
Annual Business Planning Sessions
1:1 Management Sessions
1:1 Team Coaching
In person workshops
Access to all 18 training courses (valued at $1499 each)
Participate in all live sessions, short courses & peer events
Get CPD for course completions
Access to the core Audere toolbox
Use of the Audere tech stack
Extended implementaton suppprt
Access the extended Audere tool stack



Foundations Evolution Evo XL
Access to all 18 training courses (valued at $1499 each)
Participate in all live sessions, short courses & peer events
Get CPD for course completions
Foundations Evolution Evo XL
Access to the core Audere toolbox
Use of the Audere tech stack
Extended implementaton suppprt
Access the extended Audere tool stack



Starting at $5,000/month


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program supported?

You will have unlimited email support from the instructor as needed, and an open invite to attend the monthly Drop In sessions for any questions you need to be answered in person.

Can I involve my team in the course?

Absolutely. As long as they’re part of your direct support team and not a separate business, then we encourage you to share the course content with them.

How much time will I need to apply?

The course has been rated for 9 CPD points, which means working through the content and exercises should take most people no more than 9 hours.

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