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How To Create An Advice Practice That Can Scale

A harsh truth that doesn’t get shared very often is that most advice firms don’t get more profitable as they grow.

You might want to know this upfront if you’re a practice owner offering accounting, financial advice or broking services, and you’re on a journey that involves:

finding more great clients

putting together a team to support you

building something to generate and deliver value,

Going into this without this information could set you up for much disillusionment later on.

That’s not to say it can’t be done (because it 100% can, and more and more firms are achieving it), but if you do what most firms do, you’ll run out of enthusiasm, energy, or cash flow long before you create the business of your dreams.

This is at least of the reasons that 50% of advisers in Australia left the industry over the past five years.

And, of the 6,000 practices that still exist today, more than half with revenue below $500,000 achieved narrow profit or none at all.

We all know there’s a link between size and scale, where those who have more resources are in a better position to invest in efficiencies and technology.

It’s when you dive into the data the reality of what the best measure of that really is.

So, where is the sweet spot? 🎯

It’s practices bringing in between $1.5m and $2.5m in revenue who are able to play the game of scale most keenly and easily played.

But, and this is a key point.

Nowhere in those stats that $1.5m to $2.5m sweetspot defined as being “big” practice.

In fact there are several indications that the game isn’t about building something big at all.

So, if it’s not about maximising revenue. then it won’t come as a surprise that the real measure, the one hiding behind the revenue numbers is, profit.

And in behind that are practice business models and system that supports and empowers the right kind of growth.

Once you understand this, you see exactly what you need to be doing (and what you don’t).

Instead of the path to size, you’re on a path to scale.

When I share what I’ve learnt about growing practices that scale, it’ll also give you insight into why…

What Other Practices Have Done May Not Be What You Should Do.

Because in reality, what works for one practice rarely works equally as well for another. 

One client had worked with four other coaches before me.

Each of those four coaches were ex-practitioners, who taught how they had run their businesses.

Each time with each coach, the clients had found themselves bogged down when it came to putting it to work. 

They’d failed to implement and assumed it was something they’d failed to make work – that they lacked the ability to implement

It wasn’t them. It was never going to work.

Image of a vintage instruction manual cover titled "Instructions to Use The 'Nikon' Camera" with a striped yellow background.

What may have been right for the ex-practitioners’ business was 100% wrong for their situation at their stage of growth. 

What you should do depends on what you need right now.

For some businesses out there, the thing you will need to focus on is the value proposition. In doing so, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate to 80%.

For others, it’s about optimising your new client engagement process so you can attract the right clients sooner, with less fee sensitivity, and get them excited about their future.

Some need a killer client experience to ensure clients work with them in the most efficient way, understand what they need to about the advice process, and become raving advocates who refer.

Many need to get their pricing right so they avoid hitting the barrier of not having enough revenue to invest in the business, to little time to get the work done, and not enough of anything to grow beyond the clients they have now.

Or it’s building systems so you can recruit. 

Or recruiting the right people so you can hand off what needs handing off. 

Or fixing any one of the nine areas of efficiency that are the difference between thriving and just surviving.

An open book displaying a quote by Todd Stocker: "Execution is something, but timing is everything.

It’s equally about when you introduce things.

Focus on building systems before you have clients = failure to launch.

Focus on recruiting before you have systems = organised chaos.

Focus on role specialisation before you have a profitable model = cashflow problems.

Tons of leads without the right pricing or service model = 60-hour weeks on below-market pay.

There are multiple permutations on how not to do this, and most of them are far from ideal.

Finding New ways to solve familiar problems

When I left the corporate world 15 years ago, I was tired of teaching the same tired practice management stuff, working with practices that weren’t particularly great businesses. Back then, things were very different.

Commissions were almost a given.

Platforms ruled the roost.

Most firms didn't even charge plan fees.

Heck, plans had only just became a thing.

Many high-performing practices were sales machines.

Managing the servicing on the back of it wasn't key.

People were lining up to work in financial services.

Software wasn’t great, but you didn’t have many options.

Low doc. Low tech. High(er) margin.

Was it bad advice? 

Not necessarily. There were still many, many great advisors producing great outcomes for clients.

Was it easy? 

Compared to today? Hell Yes.

Was it good? 


Was it good business? 

Not really, which is why the advice industry was labelled a “cottage’ Industry.

Tech investors steered as clear as they could.

(Trust me, they told me why to my face whenever I pitched tech ideas to them that involved financial advice).

Back then, it wasn’t really buying and selling of businesses. It was buying and selling books of clients.

So when I left corporate and decided to be an independent coach, working directly with practice owners (rather than being funded by institutions who wanted different things), I started looking for the keys that would unlock a truly scaleable business model for advice.

Of all the places I found the answer, I wasn’t expecting to find it in the field of tech startups.

But that’s where it was all along.

The methods Silicon Valley had been using since the late 90s to build fast-growth businesses, utilising the online environment to test and iterate their offers…


…were an unexpectedly incredible fit for innovating traditional advisory business models

Methods of growing advice businesses have changed.

Yet, so many practice owners are still growing their businesses using philosophies that are ten, fifteen, or twenty years old. 

So, if you’re trying to solve some of the challenges that come with growing a business in the current environment, such as:

Lack of efficiency,

Technology that doesn't do what it's supposed to do,

Sales techniques that don't work,

Not being able to quite nail your value presentation,

Online marketing that just seems to go nowhere,

Pricing that never seems to generate the profit it should, and

Team management that doesn't get the best out of anyone,

It’s probably not your fault.

Let me share one thing now that will save you months of frustration.

Flowchart depicting business growth stages: Start (Revenue, Profit), Grow (Systems, Resourcing), and Scale (Leadership, Brand Value). Each stage is represented by colored circles with arrows.

This is the golden formula for growing an advice firm from startup to scale (or only as far as you want to).

Revenue Growth
You start by focusing on what brings you clients, which equals revenue. to achieve stability.
Revenue Growth
Then you switch to ensuring that every dollar you put on beyond breakeven is at least 40% profit.
Next, you build vital core systems that deliver repeatable outcomes and allow you to direct traffic (instead of being stuck in doing the work).
Now, it's time to hire the right people for the right roles and onboard, train and manage them to perform.
Next, you break through into rapidly evolving growth by adding some specialised roles, including your own.
Brand Value
The penultimate step is to create the brand and IP that will allow the business to evolve beyond just YOU INC and create 10x saleable value.
Brand Value

Another way to think about this is…

Every time you reach the next level, the game changes, so what got to where you are now won’t get you to where you want to be next.

70% for firms make less than $500k per year. That’s a hard place to stay in for long.

You don’t have to be big, but you do need to:

Deliver Great Advice

Be Profitable

Resource Well

Get Systemised

Choose Your Focus Carefully

And the rewards for doing so are significant 

I am a specialist business advisor.

I only work with practice owners and, over a decade ago, when I went looking in the tech startup space for a solution to some very specific problems, it wasn’t originally to solve my clients’ problems. 

I was looking for a way to fix my own business.

To remove me as the core bottleneck

To systemise a model dependent on my expertise

To achieve success without having to get big

To try and break the time-for-money paradigm

To get back to spending more time doing the things I loved doing (and less of what I didn't)

Only then did I discover that I’d essentially created a business systems that wasn’t just about coaching and consulting. It was about being able to systemise the business of advice.

I made mistakes, went down dead ends, and wasted a lot of time engaging with those who didn’t practice what they preached and didn’t know enough to deliver results.

But I discovered one simple reality.

The most positive, optimistic mindset and the most enthusiastic, high-energy approach to entrepreneurship cannot overcome a flawed business model, or doing the wrong things at the wrong stage of your growth journey.

I used this approach in my practice to build exactly the business I wanted it to be.

A brief rundown of how My process works:

Step 1: Get A Plan

Build a laser sharp vision of where you could be in 3-5 years, break it down into 12-months leap forward and put it all on a single page.

Step 2: Execute The Plan

Be made accountable for the actions required to make it happen, be introduced to a method of implementing and measure the hell out of it at every step.

Step 3: Leverage Existing Know-How

Why try and work it out when it’s already been done and proven to work? Spend the time working out how to make it work for your practice, not building it from scratch.

Step 4: Adapt & Learn

Success belongs not to teams with the perfect strategy, but to teams who can learn as they go and adapt the plan to suit. This is #1 way to shortcut the growth journey.

Applied correctly, this will evolve your practice 3-4 times faster than if you do it alone.

In three months, you’ll make a year’s worth of progress.

Attract better clients

Attract more clients

Improve conversion rates

Achieve 100% client buy-in

Regenerate more revenue and profit

Recruit the right people.

Deliver a better client experience

Spend less time on admin.

Hand off more to your team.

There’s no guesswork with this process, and here’s the kicker. If you get to the end of our engagement, you’ve implemented everything we agreed and you haven’t achieved the results…

…I will work with you for free until you do*

*This has yet to happen

Easily understandable & Structured Curriculum

Inside the program lies and extensive curriculum of regularly updates and refreshed training covering every facet of running a successful and scaleable advice firm.

Each and every element is “on call” for you and your team. No barriers, paywalls, upsells or VIP rooms. You get what you need when you need it, with no exceptions.


Value Proposition

Digital Marketing

Role Design

Client Onboarding

Systems & Processes

Client Experience

Service Packages & Offerings

Performance Management

Forming Strategic Alliances

Generating Referrals

Personal & Team Productivity

Hiring & Onboarding

Team Management

Staff Training

New Client Engagement

Workflow & CRM

Practice Efficiency

Screenshot of an online course dashboard featuring seven courses on marketing, client engagement, and website development, each with progress indicators and options to view details or enroll.
A webpage showcasing five online courses, including "Bulletproof Pricing," "Bulletproof Pricing Fast Track," "Client Experience," "Ending the Year," and "Service Excellence," each with details and enroll buttons.
Screenshot of an online learning platform showing course titles and their progress bars on topics like hiring, mastering tech, personal productivity, planning for success, quick wins, scaling, and team productivity.

Hundreds of patented Tools & Templates.

The curriculum is supported by literally hundreds of tools, workbooks, templates, visual sales aids, email templates, process maps, infographics, case studies, examples, cheatsheets, summaries, trackers, scripting, lead magnets & worksheets, all designed to make it easier to adopt and implement what’s taught.

Many of these are ready to grab, brand and apply.

More than just that, we’ve assembled a suite of technology we make available through the program including tech for:

Sales pipeline tracking & analysis.

Pricing software

Website analytics

Testimonial gathering

Workflow management

Marketing Automation

Web Forms & Factfinding

Role auditing and design

Search Engine Optimisation

Email Marketing

A titled "One-page Review Summary" with sections for Performance, Progress, Assessment, and Focus. There are checkboxes for assessment statuses: Ahead, On-track, and Off-track.
Infographic from Audere Coaching & Consulting showing target clients, ethos, and a pyramid depicting financial order of importance: cashflow, debt, risk, structure, income, assets, and financial freedom.
A list titled "The 'Let Us Know' List" details various life changes requiring financial advice or updates, including changes in health, income, debts, housing, marriage, hardship, dependents, and more.
A template titled "Avatar Builder" by Audere Coaching & Consulting, featuring sections for Niche Focus, Marketing Analysis, and Attraction Strategies, with fields for demographic and psychographic data.

Practical Training. No Fluff. all Action.

A screenshot of an online training module titled "Uplift conversation." The interface includes a list of sections and steps for the training, along with options to mark pages as complete or incomplete.

This isn’t theoretical training either.

It’s backed by clear action plans and next steps as part of undertaking training either within or outside of coaching. You’ll be provided with clear assignments of what needs to happen and be invited to be part of any one of our live Fast Track implementation programs during the year to implement in collaboration with your peers.

For many programs, you and your team will also have the opportunity to be awarded with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points for successful completion of your training.

Online Events & Workshops With Like Minded People.

Each and every month in the program you will have the opportunity to engage with me and other program members via various forums including our monthly Drop In, six monthly Peer Mastermind groups, and our guided Fast Track implementation programs.

How little or how much you choose to leverage these is up to you, but it’s a powerful opportunity to get perspective beyond just your own practice.

A group of six people in a video conference are shown in individual video call windows, each person appears engaged in the discussion. Three men and three women are seen, some wearing headsets.

membership beyond Just training.

A group of eleven people stands together, smiling and posing for a photo in a modern office space with a red carpet and a whiteboard in the background. One person sits at a table in the foreground.

Practice Success is the platform upon which the programs are built.

It is also a community of fellow like-minded business owners who are each on their own evolutionary journey. They share what’s working and the mistakes they made.
So you’re able to also learn from their mishaps and shortcut your way to success.

...and you get me.

I am an active participant in the success of each and every practice I work with, regardless of how we engage.

Think of me as that person who can do the hard yards to find the insights, best practice methods and latest tools & tech whilst you get on with the business of building a great advice firm.

You don’t last long in the business advisory space unless you can deliver what you promise, and I have been doing what I do for last twenty years because I get results for the people who engage me.

A man with a beard and mustache is sitting on a brown leather couch, wearing a dark shirt, jeans, and brown shoes. He is smiling and has his hands clasped. A framed picture hangs on the wall behind him.

You have three membership options.

All three include the same core things.

The expertise of a $250,000 per year practice manager

Access to comprehensive training resources (including CPD)

Better PDM support than most Licensees can offer...

An extensive library of tools and templates at your fingertips

A bespoke practice management technology suite

Access to ready-made network of like minded peers

…and most of all the drive, accountability and support to rapidly evolve your practice’s success story.

Logo of Five Star Senior Living with a golden, interlocked star design on the left and white text on the right against a white background.

Comprehensive business advisory for larger multi-million dollar firms.

1:1 management consulting.

Team training and planning sessions.

Enhanced implementation support.

Personalised coaching, annual planning, and access to additional support

Personalised 1:1 coaching.

Annual team Business Planning.

Access all resources and training.

The simplest way to access everything needed to accelerate practice success.

Access all training, tools and templates.

Unlimited coaching support via email.

Attend as many live events as you like.

Practice Excellence

Comprehensive business advisory and team coaching for a larger multi-million dollar businesses.

1:1 management consulting..

Team training and planning sessions

Whole-of-team access to training resources.

Enhanced done-for-you implemetation support..

Practice Excellence is a complete practice management support solution for your management and wider team for less than $140 a day.

By comparison, for most firms a  junior admin person would cost $180 per day, making this a very cost effective solution for larger teams and firms who are pushing the envelope.

Logo of Five Star Senior Living with a golden, interlocked star design on the left and white text on the right against a white background.
Logo with an orange dotted semicircle and the text "RevoU" in white on a transparent background.

Practice Evolutions

Personalised coaching combined with planning, access to all resources and all areas of program support.

Personalised 1:1 coaching.

Annual Business Planning..

Whole of access to training and peer programs.

Access to the Audere tech stack..

An extensive business advisory offering like Excellence won’t be needed by everyone, which is why our core 1-to-1 coaching program, Practice Evolution, starts at less than half that cost, making it a great way for most firms to accelerate the achievement of goals.

Practice Foundations

The most straightforward way to access to everything you need to accelerate your practice success story.

Access all training, tools and templates.

Unlimited coaching support via email.

Attend as many live events as you like..

If you’re ready to get started, you can jump into this with Practice Foundations for just $600 per month.

That’s less than $20 per day, and you still work directly with me and my team. With a little drive, the sky’s the limit.

Blue stylized "UN" logo with United Nations in black text next to it.

Simply pick an option for your membership and get started

Foundations Evolution Excellence
Ability To Ask Unlimited Questions Online
Private 1-to-1 coaching
Annual Business Planning Sessions
1:1 Management Sessions
1:1 Team Coaching
In person workshops
Access to all 18 training courses (valued at $1499 each)
Participate in all live sessions, short courses & peer events
Get CPD for course completions
Access to the core Audere toolbox
Use of the Audere tech stack
Extended implementaton suppprt
Access the extended Audere tool stack



Starting at $5,000/month


Foundations Evolution Evo XL
Access to all 18 training courses (valued at $1499 each)
Participate in all live sessions, short courses & peer events
Get CPD for course completions
Foundations Evolution Evo XL
Access to the core Audere toolbox
Use of the Audere tech stack
Extended implementaton suppprt
Access the extended Audere tool stack



Starting at $5,000/month


How often is the content updated?

We’re constantly updating training modules every year and adding 3-4 new pieces of training and tools every month. The content never sits still, as you’d expect from a fast evolving industry landscape.

Can I have a look for myself at what's inside?

You sure can. Just head over to

Can I share this with my team?

Practice Evolutions and Excellence include access to the complete program for you and anyone else in your team.

What's the time committment?

We recommend committing a consistent 2-4 hours each week to working on your business. If you are challenged to do this, we have several tools and modules that can help you find them time.

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