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Planning For Success

by Audere Coaching & Consulting

Create the ultimate practice business plan and turn it into results.

Are you a financial advisor or accounting firm looking to achieve extraordinary business transformation?

Our Planning for Success course is your blueprint for creating a plan to make it happen sooner.

Tailored specifically for financial advisors, accountants, and multidisciplinary firms, this three-part training program is the result of eight years of working with hundreds of advice firms to put in place the plans needed to turn a vision into outcomes.

It’s your pathway to setting the right strategic direction, a plan to make it happen and bridging the implementation gap with your team.
It’s designed to help firms of all shapes and sizes unlock the tangible and measurable business benefits of having a great plan. so if you’re looking to do any of the following, look no further:
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Enhance Decision-Making

Improve decision-making processes by having a clear strategic framework in place.

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Motivate Your Team To Perform

Foster a motivated and engaged team that understands and commits to the strategic vision.

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Increase Implementation Success

Master the practical aspects of implementing your business plan efficiently.

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Create A Compelling Strategic Vision

Develop a clear and compelling strategic vision that aligns with personal and business goals.

A line drawing of four human figures arranged in a circle, interconnected by dotted lines, with a speech bubble in the center, symbolizing communication or collaboration.

Enhance Focus

Gain a focused direction for your business, preventing distractions from day-to-day operations.

Two upward-pointing arrows in green with lines crossing them diagonally, symbolizing growth or progress. One arrow has a zigzag pattern, and the other is straight.

Get Greater Traction

Translate your strategic vision into a concrete and actionable 12-month plan.

Outline of a person in business attire next to ascending bar charts with upward arrows and a dollar symbol.

Power Up Your Progress

Acquire tools and techniques to monitor and track the progress of your business plan.

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Better Measure Success

Implement effective performance measurement systems to assess progress against goals.

Are you Ready to Bridge The Implementation Gap?

The value of Planning for Success goes beyond just creating your plan; we’ll give you a system that will allow you to lead yourself and your team to achieve bigger and better results this year, next year and well into the future.
It will provide you with the means to create exactly the type of practice that will drive personal and professional fulfillment.

Why choose Planning for Success?

Here’s what makes Planning for Success uniquely beneficial.
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Comprehensive On-Demand Training

Three detailed and highly practical video training modules will unpack each stage of your planning process, from creation to launch.

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All The Tools Needed To Implement

You can access an arsenal of support materials, including plan templates and the accompanying program book, to ease the implementation process.

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Take Part in Our Live Programs

At the beginning of every calendar year, we deliver a live version of the course. As an existing participant, you can take part at no additional cost (value $1,995)

An icon of a certificate or diploma with a ribbon on the top left, implying recognition or completion of a course.

CPD Accreditation

Enhance your professional development with 3.75 Continuing Professional Development points awarded upon completion.

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Fully Supported

Receive guidance from the Audere team with unlimited email support and the ability to attend our monthly Drop-In support sessions.

Here's how the program works

Priced at $1,495 all-inclusive for a full 12 months of access, this investment propels you towards profitability while empowering you with all the necessary tools for success. 

Experience transformation through structured guidance by enrolling today!

Your instructor

Join countless other professionals who have accelerating their path to success with Audere Coaching & Consulting.

Unlock better planning today!

Enrollment in this course closes without warning, so don’t be left waiting until the “perfect” moment to transform your firm in several ways.
Don’t wait another twelve months before transforming your practice.
The perfect time is now.
Sign up today and start your journey towards a more profitable and fulfilling business practice.

Questions? Reach out to us at

What you'll get Planning For Success
All Training
Access to All The Tools Needed
CPD Accreditation
Take Part in Our Live Programs (12 months of access)
Fully Supported
Ability To Ask Unlimited Questions Online
Private 1-to-1 coaching
Annual Business Planning Sessions
1:1 Management Sessions
1:1 Team Coaching
In person workshops
Access to all 18 training courses (valued at $1499 each)
Participate in all live sessions, short courses & peer events
Get CPD for course completions
Access to the core Audere toolbox
Use of the Audere tech stack
Extended implementaton suppprt
Access the extended Audere tool stack



Foundations Evolution Evo XL
Access to all 18 training courses (valued at $1499 each)
Participate in all live sessions, short courses & peer events
Get CPD for course completions
Foundations Evolution Evo XL
Access to the core Audere toolbox
Use of the Audere tech stack
Extended implementaton suppprt
Access the extended Audere tool stack



Starting at $5,000/month


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program supported?

You will have unlimited email support from the instructor as needed, and an open invite to attend the monthly Drop In sessions for any questions you need to be answered in person.

Can I involve my team in the course?

Absolutely. As long as they’re part of your direct support team and not a separate business, then we encourage you to share the course content with them.

How much time will I need to apply?
Working through the content and exercises should take most people no more than 4 hours.

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