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The Practice Evolution program

Personalised whole-of-business coaching for practices making a leap into more sustainable growth.

Ready to grow?

Practice Evolution is designed to help profitable, established practitioners with a support team behind them to do more with less, build for growth and take the next giant leap forward,

Established since 2014, the program combines personalised coaching, live and on-demand training, support tools and peer group support to enable participants to achieve consistent profitability, systemise at pace, achieve greater efficiency and ultimately automate and leverage your practice far beyond founder-dependency.

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Make the breakthrough

Every practice’s growth journey is different. 

There are, however, commons reasons that stop practices progressing more rapidly through the space between startup and scale, and keep them stuck in a dangerously stagnant stage of development that can be as draining as it is frustrating. Practice Evolution makes this evolution smoother.

You feel


You finding it harder to manage a growing workload and stay ahead of it all.

Finding time to “work on the business” isn’t the only issue. Finding time to service with clients is just as challenging for many, let alone training staff, market and otherwise build a better, more systemised firm.

We help practice owners like you find the time to make it happen and accelerate the whole process.

You can’t quite.


You’re finding that next wave of growth always seems to be just out of reach.

You’re still working as hard as ever – maybe even harder – but you’re stuck in “second album syndrome” and just can’t quite hit previous levels of growth, performance or efficiency as easily. One step forward, one step back.

We help practice owners like you get focused on removing the key constraints stopping you from moving forward.

You feel


You may have a healthy business, but it feels like something is missing…

It may be that your enthusiasm has waned, motivation isn’t where it needs to be, you’ve been through challenging times, or simply that running your practice is increasingly feeling like Groundhog Day

We help practice owners like you do more of what will reignite the passion and build a business that supports it better.

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dependent on you

Being the centre of everything eventually means running out of time and energy.

You may find yourself being pulled in all directions. The more your business develops that more it demands of you. You may have a good team behind you, but even with the best intentions you never manage to hand off everything you need to.

We help practice owners like you transition from one-man show to business owner with the power to help more clients.

Despite all that, you still

believe the future is bright

You, like us, believe that the journey we’ve been has lead to a place of opportunity.

You can see how demand for solutions to modern day financial stress and mismanagement has grown and is continuing to grow. The role money plays in health and wellbeing has become widespread knowledge. The need for professional, high quality, client centric advice is being more widely recognised.

We’re on the cusp on a mainstream explosion in the demand for advice, and you’re in prime position.

All that lies ahead are to overcome the challenges that even the most successful advice professionals are facing and overcoming right now

We can help you make it happen, just as we’ve helped practices just like yours.

What our clients say

Audere is rated 5/5 based on reviews & testimonials

How we get results

One simple three-step results methodology.

Clear plan

It begins with personalised 1-to-1 planning, to define your goals and identify strategies and tactics to achieve them.

Success isn’t achieved by being vague and hoping for the best. That’s why we start with by laying out a clear roadmap of action, identifying the right metrics to measure, and breaking down what needs to happen month-by-month and week-by-week to get the right outcomes.

Start clear, start strong, identify what matters and focus down on it first..

How it works

Personal Goals Blueprint,

3-5 Year Strategic Vision.

Project Impact Analysis.

12-Month Domino Plan.

The best plan you’ve ever created is just 120 mins away.

Right resources

Exceptional coaches do more than tell you what to do – they show you how and provide the tools that make it easier.

You’ll access an extensive body of on-demand training and over 500 tools, templates, worksheets, re-brandable visuals and processes, plus a proprietary tech stack, available to every member of your team via our training portal with nothing held back.

All the resources. All elements of practice evolution. When you need it.

How it works

On-demand training.

Extensive tools.

Technology suite.

Private coaching portal

The training, tools and tech to accelerate your teams’ journey.


Results require action, which is why we’ll find ourselves working side by side to make it happen.

You’ll book 1-to-1 coaching as and when they’re needed, whilst live, interactive training sessions twice a month will provide “live fire” insight. Peer groups provide insight into how others approach it as we track progress via our kanban-based sprint system.

Implementing great ideas will become part of your practice DNA.

How it works

Personal coaching

Live Training.

Peer Engagement opportunities.

Kanban Tracking "Sprint" System.

Transform bright ideas and good intentions into great results.

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