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Transformative 12-month workshop and peer group program designed to elevate practices from good to great

Achieve more together

Are you ready to embark on a practice transformation?

Practice Excellence is a program designed for high achievers and ambitious practitioners seeking out the “one-percenters”.

It’s about providing the platform to accelerate your evolution and fuel your innovative thinking, through a collaborative learning experience. Offering 4 x two-day interactive offsite workshops each year, introducing proven best practice strategies brought to life by  group discussion and valuable peer engagement with others with similar ambitions.

In between sessions, you’ll be kept accountable for progress and given access to wide range of supplementary on-demand training and supporting tools so you can bring your broader team on the same journey.

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Practice Excellence opens for registration only once a year. To register your interest, either as a participating practice owner or as a BDM or PDM seeking to become an accountability coach, click below to download our information pack and application guide.

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Are you Seeking The Exceptional?

For you, maybe it’s not just about good, but about building something great.

As an adviser, accountant or broker, you will have built a strong practice,  a great support team around you and have achieved the level of success that comes with it.

You may have already invested in coaching, and now finding that next level of performance has become about finding “edges” that can make all the difference.

It’s likely you already appreciate the value of surrounding yourselves with others who provide the drive, insight and support for you to achieve higher more

If this sounds like you, whether Practice Excellence could be your next growth leap depends on four things.


Excited by innovation

You are interested in exploring innovative approaches to practice management, growth, delivery and technology and are open to challenging the status quo.

Importantly, you’re also seeking real-world, practical solutions over theoretical concepts, and you’re willing and able to take action to implement, and be accountable for the outcomes.


Value collaboration

You’ve proven your ability and can work within a group of high achievers interested in connecting with and learning from peers in similar positions.

You’re also willing to openly share experiences and insights with the group, give and receive feedback and be held accountable for progress, because you already know how powerful it can be.

You're ready to

Seeking to be challenged

You’ll be the kind of person. who is comfortable being pushed to play outside their comfort zone.

Whilst you’ll have access to a wide range of supplementary resources and tools to support their learning, you’ll also be comfortable moving at a faster pace and operating at dual strategic and operational level when required

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Driven & Ambitious

You’ll have a strong desire to achieve exceptional results (perhaps even with a mild competitive streak), supported by a clear vision and goals for your practice.

You’ll also be willing to commit time and resources to participate fully in the program, and bring those who support you along on the journey.

If that's what you're seeking

Excellence Awaits

As a peer-driven program with an in-person component, numbers are limited and intake occurs for a brief period each year.

A single fee covers all costs for the program, including accommodation.

To express your interest and join our waitlist, click the button below, and we will notify you as soon as applications are open (applications are assessed based on a first come, first assessed basis).

What our clients say

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How we achieve results

Setting down the best foundations isn’t about having to work it all by yourself from scratch. It’s not about trying to build something unique and innovative from the beginning (although that may be your ultimate goal).

It’s about doing what works, creating a strong fundamental practice business model upon which to build from and setting yourself up for future success.

Drawing from the very same content and many of the elements of the full coaching program we launched back in 2014, it will help you do what is needed to get ahead sooner across three core areas of your practice.

Quarterly offsite

Every quarter we run a two day workshop to explore in detail one key area of Practice Excellence.

In doing so, we’ll encourage participant interactive, sharing of experiences and ultimately provide the opportunity to challenge assumptions, reinvent concepts and find better ways to run your practice:

As part of this process, we’ll cover:

New Client Engagement & Acqusition

Pricing & Profitability

Systems & Back Office

Service Models

Accountability coach

Your own personal accountability coach will work with you and a consistent group of peers to facilitate action.

Between sessions, they will help you access supplementary tools and training and revisit the output from sessions to ensure you’re able to implement the commitments made to your peer group.

This support includes:

Access to the program content portal

Personal 1-to-1 support

Between session peer engagement

Tracked outcomes and reporting

Mastermind Focus

The most powerful element is the ability to share your biggest challenges and have others help solve them.

Each session you’ll  take the stage and share progress and the areas you need fresh eyes on. In receiving feedback, you’ll also have the chance to return the favour and build lasting business relationships.

This is all about:

Leveraging vast experience.

Seeing things from new perspectives.

Seeing how others have approached it.

Solving limiting beliefs instantly.

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