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On-call best practice training and support for self-directed practices seeking to set themselves up for growth.

Set the stage for growth

Practice Foundations is for advisers, accountants and mortgage brokers looking to fuel their practice growth trajectory and get ahead faster.

It’s designed for self-starters who aren’t seeking a full coaching engagement, and early-stage practices who want to grow into coaching at their own pace.

Launched in 2018 as an alternative to our full coaching program, it’s helped countless practitioners leapfrog the learning curve, shortcut the trial-and-error and unlock full practice potential sooner.

If you’re ready to cut through the guesswork, hit go on growth and fast-track your progress, let’s talk.

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Our information pack includes everything you need to know about how Audere ‘s programs can help to grow your practice, greatly improve efficiency, and simplify every area of your professional life.

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Is this you?

You’re optimistic about the future and motivated to make it happen.

You believe in what you do, the value you can add and see opportunity ahead. You’re also aware that there is much to be done and you’re impatient to make headway.

If you agree that having insight into the road ahead can help shorten the journey, and believe that it’s less important to solve problems that have already been solved than it is to make faster progress. then Practice Foundations may be ready to help

You're ready to

Hit "go" on growth

Enthusiasm is a great asset to have when growing a practice, but getting traction sooner and getting runs on on the board is the ultimate motivator.

You may be starting out for the first time, restarting after a practice sale or simply deciding you want to head in an all-new direction. You’re ready to chart the right path and focus on doing what needs to be done to move forward with greater momentum.

You're seeking


You may have been seeking to grow your business for a while now, had some success but perhaps want it be a faster process.

Like many at this stage of development, sometimes you get up a head of steam but something comes up that draws you back into it. It feels like two steps forward, one step back. You don’t have time to read books, attend workshops or courses, sifting through all the options to find the solution.

You want the

Faster track

You may have decided that the future of your business lies is making things simpler, more streamlined and generally easier to grow and manage.

You’re not necessarily looking for a complete re-design of your practice or a complete re-invention of the way you work, rather some better ways to operate and smarter ways to deliver your value

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You'd like to be

Less hands-on

You may feel a little stuck in finding the best route to go from a one-person show to a less “you” dependent practice business model. 

Like many in your situation, you may find it hard to juggle competing priorities, let alone invest time into systemising, finding the sweet-spot between running a compliant and commercially viable practice, or solving the riddle of practice technology

If that's what you're seeking

Welcome to Practice Foundations

Practice Foundations is a premier coaching program designed specifically for financial advisers, accountants, and mortgage brokers who are also practice owners.  It covers a vast scope of strategies to help you attract the right clients, deliver outstanding service, systemise your proposition, and resource your business, team, tech, and systems to deliver.

It includes access to an extensive body of on-demand training content, supported by hundreds of templates, worksheets, visual tools, tech tools, and other relevant resources.

By participating in Foundations, you’ll not only gain access to this invaluable training material but also have the opportunity to attend live training events where you can interact with other practice owners and implement best-practice concepts.

By leveraging our training and tools, you’ll be able to implement these strategies in your practice, leading to better outcomes and ultimately achieving your goals. 

Whether your goals are to streamline your operations, attract more ideal clients, and increase your revenue, or maqny of the other opportunities to take your practice to new heights of success, Foundations can be the catalyst.

What our clients say

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How we achieve results

Building a solid foundation is about doing what works, creating a strong fundamental practice business model upon which to build from and setting yourself up for future success.

It’s also about not having to work it out all by yourself from scratch, or trying to build something unique and innovative from the beginning (although that may be your ultimate goal).

Drawing from the very same content and many of the elements of the full coaching program we launched back in 2014, it will help you do what is needed to get ahead sooner across three core areas of your practice.


the right clients, convert & onboard

Once you control the volume, quality and consistency of your lead flow, you control growth.

The key to this lies in having repeatable systems for generating new prospects, a new client engagement system that converts on your terms, and an onboarding system that sets clients up right from the start.

Within the program scope, you’ll find it easier to:

Find and understand your niche

Create a compelling value proposition

Done-for-you visual sales toolset

How to generate referrals actively

Forming productive partnerships

Establish a strong digital presence

Our proven initial meeting method

First 90 Days onboarding system

Optimising the path from "yes" to plan.


proposition, pricing & experience

Your profit growth model is directly tied to your ability to serve your clients profitably and retain them efficiently.

It’s about having a strong ongoing service proposition, well-defined packages and delivery model behind it; building the right fee model for you and for them; and a client experience that creates engagement and advocacy.

The scope of the program in this area of best practice covers how to:

Nail your ongoing service proposition

Create a service delivery system

Build the right fee/revenue model

Achieve greater fee confidence

Transition across to a new model

Launch your 5-star client experience

Master marketing to existing clients

Retain the right clients for longer


with a great team, systems & productivity

Being able to break through the resourcing constraint is what moves your practice beyond being just about you. 

The secret to nailing this lies in. how you hire, onboard and manage, and leverage outsourcing. Add in total business systemisation, the right tech and productivity principles, and you have a proven recipe.

When it comes to this key area, the program includes ways to:

Find and hire the right people.

Key roles to focus on first.

How to delegate more effectively

Outsourcing effectively

Onboarding new team members.

Systemise your practice sooner.

Create stand-alone training systems

Team workflow management.

Implement effective time management

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