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Our journey


Audere began as an itch to scratch.

A search to find better ways to work.

A journey into Silicon Valley ideas.

A question about the space between tech startup thinking and the business of advice.

Could it be THE sweetspot?


The goal was to solve problems.

Limited capacity. Reducing profitabilty. Bloated processes. Fractured systems. Growth barriers. Time and energy management.

A hunch became a book, which became a working group, which became a program…

…and a passion for change.


What we do is about a few core beliefs.

1. Innovation in advice starts by looking outside.

2. Integration is the prime challenge.

3. There is no one “right” way, many wrong ones.

4. The future of advice is practices not institutions.

5. Creating the future requires optimism about it.

6. The gap isn’t as wide as it may seem.

The future is already here.


Today we’ve built a unique coaching methodology and the most extensive curriculum of it’s kind.

Programs for practices of all shapes and sizes.

We’re driven by a desire to help businesses that serve clients better serve themselves.

Underneath, it’s about one very personal drive.

If you’ve chosen your own path, why accept a business that doesn’t?

The future is bright…

…if you want it to be.


Meet the team

We draw upon a wide range of service providers and partners to get the work done, but at the core it’s about two people managing the process.

Stewart Bell
Stewart Bell
Business Coach & Founder

I’m driven and compelled to fix businesses, and my business that allows me to do it the best ways I know how.

Because at the end of the day, if you’ve taken the decision as I did to run your own path, why would you accept a business that doesn’t enable that?

Jenn Algarate
Jenn Algarate
Business & Accountability Manager

I love seeing business ideas come to life and watching their growth slowly unfold. As a partner of your business, my goal is to be able to work on the background and make sure the cog on the wheel is well oiled and working smoothly.

When I see the businesses I work with slowly achieve their goals, it’s like fuel that excites me to want to do even better.

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Audere Coaching & Consulting
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