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About Audere

Audere Coaching & Consulting

When information become limitless...

...great advice becomes more valuable than ever.

Our story

As a consulting firm, Audere was founded to play in the space between established best practice and the new wave of business thinking behind some of Silicon Valleys’ greatest success stories.

We believe the future of advice is being created right now at the grass roots level, and supporting and fuelling that innovation is the best way to foster entrepreneurship and a world where abundance is the norm.

What began in 2013 with a search for new ways, has evolved into something so much bigger.

Our ethos

As a business founded on purpose, everything we do in underpinned by a set of beliefs that provide the basis for our uniquely-effective coaching methods.

No single way.

We don't coach a single model because there is no one "right way". What works for one practice frequently fails for others.

We've worked with hundreds of practices to help them find the model that works for them.

Look beyond.

Innovation and dramatically better results requires looking afield. You won't change a thing doing what's always been done. 

We blend best practices specific to advice with tech startup thinking and insight far and wide.

Model matters.

Hard work, long hours, positive thinking, motivational speeches or tough love won't fix a broken business model.

Our clients are good at what they do and come to us to build a business to support it.

Simplicity is perfection.

Optimum efficiency is achieved by simplifying things and removing what isn't needed, not adding complexity.

We aim for refinement - better, easier, faster & as simple to manage as can be.

80% done

We believe great ideas must be backed by clear plans of action before they can truly be called solutions.

We provide the tools, templates, examples, case studies so you're already 80% done.

Walk the talk

Everything that we coach got there because it was something we applied to our own business and made work from a practical perspective.

Practice trumps theory. We do it so we know how it works and can vouch for the results.

Meet the team

We draw upon a wide range of service providers and partners to get the work done, but at the core it’s about two people managing the process.

A smiling man with graying hair and beard, wearing a dark shirt, against a gray background.

Stewart Bell

Business coach & Founder

I’m driven and compelled to fix businesses, and my business that allows me to do it the best ways I know how.

Because at the end of the day, if you’ve taken the decision as I did to run your own path, why would you accept a business that doesn’t enable that?

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Portrait of a smiling middle-aged asian woman with short hair, wearing earrings and a patterned blouse against a gray background.

Jennifer Algarate

Business & Accountability manager

I love seeing business ideas come to life and watching their growth slowly unfold. As a partner of your business, my goal is to be able to work on the background and make sure the cog on the wheel is well oiled and working smoothly.

When I see the businesses I work with slowly achieve their goals, it’s like fuel that excites me to want to do even better.

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Let's talk

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Let’s talk about how we can potentially help you and your practice to grow and evolve. We believe great advice is becoming more valuable than ever.

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