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All the tools you need for practice success and growth in one place

The one and only free portal for practice owners looking to take their practices to 6, 7, and even 8 figures. Within the platform, you'll find comprehensive curriculums, actionable guides, specialized tools, masterminds, and more designed to increase revenue by up to 20%.

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Comprehensive resources with a focus on all aspects of your practice – from crafting irresistible value propositions and leveraging internal systems to resource planning and the latest industry insights.

…and more resources are added every week!

Focus on what matters for scaling your practice

The Power of Pricing

In 60 minutes I’ll provide you the insight from 15+ years designing practice pricing models to potentially uplift revenue by six figures whilst not adding even a single additional hour of work.

Value Proposition

I’ll show you why 95% of practices fail when doing this work and how to put together a value proposition that completely removes fee sensitivity from the equation.

The Wealth Pyramid

I’ll share the most powerful visual tool on the program that will allow you to explain what advice is and position yourself in a way that clients are more likely to say yes and work on an ongoing basis.

The Apprentice Progression

I’ll also show you the one model you can use to make sure you’re hiring the right people to move your practice forward and motivate and retain them long term (if you have PY, this will be gold).

Plus access to Our Client Experience & The Journey training

Why am I making this available for Free?

For over 15 years I’ve been creating content to help advice practices flourish. Until now, only a select few practice owners who could afford one-on-one sessions have benefited from my insights.

I’m now ready to share all of this knowledge with you because of the belief that the free resources I provide are superior to most of the paid content offered by other coaches.

Working with a coach shouldn’t be a guessing game. I want you to experience for yourself the value of what I’ve created, see my methods in action, and even interact with those who have worked with me in the community.

Leverage the value of the portal for yourself like 200+ have before you

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Some of the most relevant training from our full program, including our much-lauded value proposition module.

Tools & Templates

Supporting tools from modules, providing worksheets, examples and resources to make implementing easier.


50+ hours of Masterclass recordings, so you can dive into real life case studies and practice success stories.

Special access

As a Leveraged Lab member, you’ll get a heads-up to special training events and offers not communicated externally.

Why is the Practice Success portal so unique and special?

Because it includes every valuable lesson from my 15+ years of helping practice owners, all logically structured with a strong focus on actionable steps that can be implemented immediately. In addition, with a growing active community helping each other, the portal is perfect for those struggling to scale their practices and get measurable results.

There truly isn’t a better place and time to start if you’re serious about your practice.

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See for yourself what perks are waiting for you inside the free portal.

For those who want to take their practices to 6,7, and 8 figures.

Lifetime access | Free forever if you join now.

I am going to be honest. This is the best portal for practice owners but even this won’t help if you don’t put in the work. But if you do, I can promise you your business will reach heights you’ve never imagined. And I will be there for you at every step of the journey.

On the other hand, if you’re not serious about your practice or are on the fence, this program may not be the right fit for you.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this for?

The portal contains training, tools, templates and other practice management material that has been developed to help advisers, accountants and brokers who are also practice owners make significant improvements to nine key areas of their practice operations.

Why do I have to register?

Much of the content in here is directly from our full coaching program and has never been previously shared outside of the program. By asking members to register, we can share what we do more widely without making valuable content publicly available. Rest assured, we will never spam you and, if you decide you don’t want to hear from us, you can simply unsubscribe from our communications.

What's actually included?

The content within includes full training modules and supporting tools for our full coaching program covering value proposition, pricing, our Wealth Pyramid and Journey to Leveraged models, and digital marketing for advice professionals. In addition, there are also a number of five minute highlights reels of our full modules covering planning, systemisation, first appointment, practice technology, client onboarding and productivity, as well as the full Masterclass and video blog library.

I'm not adviser. Can I still get access?

The portal is intended to be a resource for advisers, accountants and brokers to use to help improve their own practices. If you’re not an adviser and would like to get access, drop us a line at so we can have a qucik chat.

Can I share this stuff with others outside my business?

The content in the portal is for you to use in your business and, without getting too “Big Brother” about it, is meta stamped against individual logins. If you would like to introduce another practice owner to the portal, they are welcome to register and access content themselves, but we ask that you not distribute any of the materials without permission.

How does the compare to what clients get?

This is a starting point, but it’s a small portion of the tools, template, tech and training that practice owners and their teams get on-demand access to via our full portal

I work for an institution. Can I offer this to our advisers?

We can white label a portal just like this (and more) with your branding on it and help you implement it with your team front-and-centre. Drop us a line on and let’s talk.

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