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Masterclass interview

Each month I interview someone with a story to share.

Deep Dives into Stories of Success

As often as I can, I take time to extend the Masterclass interview section and explore the success story of someone with something to share.

Often they are a program member who has achieved amazing results, a practitioner with a unique story or a subject matter expert who has valuable insight to share.

My goal is understand the practical steps behind the story, so that you can replicate their success in their own business and then share this more widely. 

Masterclasses are organised across six different topics area. You can listen to selection below, or join me live on our next Masterclass interview session.


Startup, growing pains & the journey to scale.


Designing & delivering five-star service.


Marketing & lead generation


Making your practice tech work for you


Hiring, outsourcing & building a great team.

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Masterclass sessions are open to anyone who is keen to attend. Come and have your questions answered live by experts. Just simply register for the upcoming sessions.

The Finnovator

Find even more within out podcast The Finnovator. Practical tips you can directly implement to improve all aspects of your business.

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